Who We Are

HAJA Visual is committed to building the best commercial (LCD/LED)display platform, by providing the most professional display equipment and systems. We have an very excellent team for you to design, develop, produce hardware equipment and software, and to provide professional, meticulous and timely one-stop service. Making the perfect product has always been our highest goal and we put it into full passion. The use of high-end materials, standardized technological process, stringent quality control requirements, just for the products that satisfy ourselves and surprise our customers.


    In the global commercial display field, become an excellent enterprise that customer praise and competitors respect


    Do the best on products and services, create more value for customers and a better life for employees


    Continuously develop or introduce new display technologies to enrich or optimize market application area, to make greater contributions for the development of the commercial display industry and customer gains

A leter to our customers

“HAJA Visual is a young company, but an experienced and professional team. HAJA Visual can achieve today's achievements, in addition to our commitment to do good products and services, but also inseparable from your trust and firm support. We are not perfect, thank you for giving us the opportunity to make up and improve, to do better and better. We must support each other, progress together and do bigger things together. We are not only partners, we are reliable friends of each other.”


----Yours HAJA team

Our story

In 2011, Mike Chen started electronic manufacturing and sales in Shenzhen, specializing in conventional strip advertising machines, touch strip advertising machines, supermarket shelf advertising screens, strip screens in transportation and other products. In 2020, Mike owned his own factory and began to produce large-scale customized bar screens. The company is positioned as a manufacturer of large-size strip screen customized screen. We have our own factory with an area of more than 5000 square meters and more than 150 employees. At present, we are still expanding our business and developing a larger leading manufacturer of professional LCD strip screen in South China. After more than ten years of continuous development, our customers are distributed in every corner of the world, and our products are sold to more than 126 countries and regions in the world. The products are widely used in shopping malls, shelves, industrial control equipment, medical treatment, smart home, automotive and on-board displays, instruments and other information terminal applications.

Hajavisual is optimistic about the huge potential of the commercial display market. With Mike's years of technology and market accumulation, hajavisual will provide you with strong support in the development of LCD commercial display applications and intelligent system solutions.


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