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Cookies are small text files that are stored on your computer when you visit our website to create the best website experience for you and to serve marketing purposes.

Accepting cookies:

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Cookies we use:


Functional cookies:

Cookies to ensure that this website is functioning properly.


Analytical cookies:

Cookies (anonymized) that allow us to measure the use of the website which allows us to further improve the website, e.g. the browser used, time on site, the page that led you to our website and which pages of our website you visit.

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Cookies to share the content of our website through social media. The social media third parties (Facebook, Linkedin etc.) place their own cookies when you click a social button on our website. The social media company can recognize your IP-address when you share one of our pages. For further information on the data the third parties collect we refer to the privacy and cookie-policies on their websites: Facebook, Google+ , YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest.

Marketing cookies:

Cookies to help us show our visitors the most relevant advertisements by looking at the website pages they’ve visited or conversions actions they’ve taken. These cookies are only collected if you are signed in and have given permission to Google or Facebook.

We use:

Google account cookies: Used to build audiences based upon pages you’ve visited, YouTube videos you’ve watched or based on demographics or interests.


Facebook pixel cookies: We can reach you again after you’ve visited our website via social media by using custom audiences in which you can be placed by for example demographics. It also shows us what conversion actions or events you’ve undertaken (for example downloading files or filling in the contact form) after clicking one of our Facebook ads to our website.


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